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Analysis of the causes of water leakage in the faucet

Water faucet leaking to do? I believe a lot of people's solution is to change a faucet, in fact, in fact, the water leakage of the faucet does not need you to change a faucet, which will cause a waste of the faucet or a waste of money. In the absence of the faucet manufacturer, there is no main point to this point. More and more water faucets have joined and joined by the faucet at the later stage. In communication, it is found that many people do not understand this.

The tap is mainly used to control the outlet and water flow of the pipe. In the early days, the faucet was spirally lifted. Most of the faucets on the market were ceramic spool, and the spiral lifting type was basically eliminated. In the ordinary life, sometimes it will be found that the water in the faucet is tightened and still dripping, and it is dripping from the outlet of the faucet or the joint, which not only causes a lot of waste, but sometimes its sound will cause some trouble. Now teach you how to do it manually.

Before maintenance, we need to prepare tools: 1 sets of flat nose medium screwdrivers, one with 30-50 openings.

There is no leakage at the outlet of the water hose: this happens when the shaft gasket is worn out in the faucet. The solution: according to the size of the faucet, select the corresponding pliers to turn the head of the faucet open, and remove the worn axle shim with the clamp, and then replace the new auxiliary gasket to solve the problem.

The joint of the faucet nozzle leaks: check whether the nut of the nozzle is loose. The solution is to tighten the nut or replace the new U gasket.

The cause of leakage in the lower part of the tap is due to the wear of the triangular gasket in the gland. You can turn the screw loose and remove the fasten head, then remove the gland and remove the inner triangle seal shop of the gland and replace it with a new one.

Dripping occurs when the tap is closed, and the leakage is caused by the outflow of water in the faucet. If you see water flowing out of the handle, your faucet is leaking; the first thing to do is to make sure that the filling nut of the faucet is tight, but be careful not to scrape the nut with the pliers or wrenches. Here are the tools you need to replace the faucet seals: adjustable wrenches, replacement faucet seals, Vaseline.

If you find that the cause of the leakage is not that the nut is loose, then you need to replace the sealing ring. The sealing ring of the faucet can be a tight seal consisting of one or more O shaped rubber rings, or something like a string or a soft wire that is twisted on the valve core under the packing nut.

There are many examples about the leakage of water in the faucet, and we will introduce them one by one in the later period. These can be divided into the common sense of life. Of course, if it is easy for you to work in the faucet factory, it is necessary to carry out the knowledge of the faucet agent plus the alliance and the faucet wholesale. To master it.


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