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Save water from the small details of life

The theme of "China Water Week" is "saving water resources and ensuring water safety". But some bad water habits in life, such as brushing teeth, washing face, washing vegetables and not turning off the faucet, will cause serious waste of water resources, often these bad water habits are the largest waste of water resources.

For this reason, we did a small experiment. We calculated the tooth brushing time by two minutes, and opened the faucet and opened the water to the maximum. Two minutes later, the flow of water can be filled with a big bucket. Let's think about wasting so much one time. One person has at least two times a day. According to the population of China, it is not much more wasteful. While people take more time to wash their faces than brush their teeth, it usually takes at least 4 minutes, so this small experiment allows us to pay more attention to the details of life, so long as the faucets are turned off, a lot of water is wasted.

And again, let's look at the waste of water in the kitchen. Many families like to wash with flowing water when washing dishes. Some people think that they would rather use more water than dirty, but this means the waste of water resources, we did a small experiment, I washed the process of the calculation of the middle water, 3 cucumber, 6 tomatoes, 100 seconds, a basin of water and a half, about 7 liters.

In order to save water resources, people usually put a brick bottle or a large coke bottle filled with water in the toilet water tank to reduce the amount of flushing each time. But the City Water Bureau said that it would be appropriate to see the toilet before it was placed, because most of the toilets now have been changed to 3 litres or 6 liters of water, which is the least amount of water to be washed away. If you put something in the water tank, it will cause insufficient water, and only one more charge.

Here is also a special reminder to the public, to regularly check pipes, joints and switches whether there is leakage. "A drop of water is insignificant, but it keeps dropping, and the amount is considerable." According to the source, "drip" can be collected to 3.6 kg of water in 1 hours, and 2.6 tons of water can be collected in 1 months. For small streams with continuous lines, it can collect 17 kg of water per hour, 12 tons per month, and 670 kg of water per hour, and 482 tons per month. If there is no way to repair it in time, a bucket can be used to pick up the water, and the water to be used will also flush the toilet. This will also prevent unnecessary waste.


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