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Disinfect kitchen sink, faucet, and enjoy healthy life.

In life, bacteria are constantly. Sometimes it looks clean, but it conceals many bacteria. This has to make us pay attention to the problem of bacteria. So where is life most likely to infect bacteria? The answer is the kitchen faucet and the sink.

It is reported that there are more than 500 thousand bacteria in the kitchen sink, which is 1000 times the average number of bacteria in the toilet. This is because water tanks are moist and often accumulate rubbish. If they can not be cleaned up in time, the bacteria will grow in hidden gaps. This means that dishes, kitchen utensils and even hands can be polluted. So kitchen waste should be poured out in time, preferably on the same day, so as to avoid bacterial proliferation.

The kitchen sink and water tap are used every day to make the surrounding moist and ideal breeding grounds. If you accidentally hit the faucet with a dirty hand or the faucet is contaminated by food, like a lot of people's bad habits, they like to use the faucet to rinse the raw meat directly, splash the water, and the most germs on the raw meat. The bacteria will thrive in the faucet, and eventually the microorganism membrane will be attached to it. The microbial membrane will break up and fall on the food and dish, endangering the health of the body.

It can be seen that the bacteria in the kitchen are amazing, which seriously affects people's health. This requires us to disinfect kitchen faucets and flume. The method of sterilization is very simple. At least once a week, the diluted bleach or disinfectant is used to clean the tank, faucet, and the seal ring of the refrigerator. The kitchen waste should be dropped on the same day. Use the kitchen towel to dry the dishes. Wash the dish cloth two times with hot water and disinfectant every week.


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