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Can the pressurized sprinkler solve the problem under the condition of insufficient water pressure?

It is believed that many people have encountered water pressure and caused slow water flow. Many high-rise water pressure is not ideal, the longest encounter is the bathroom shower, the water will be slow to make people collapse, that can not achieve a sense of impact. What should we deal with in the face of this situation?

Now there are two ways to solve this problem: changing the shower to a pressurized shower is another way to install the booster pump. The pressurized pump is a very small device. It can be used whether it is a hot electric water heater, a gas water heater or a water storage type electric water heater. The booster pump is installed vertically at the inlet of the water heater and a Holzer flow switch at the inlet of the booster pump. If you buy it from a store, it is best for professionals to install it for you.

We focus on the supercharged spray. Maybe many people will question whether the pressurized shower is really useful? The market is a lot of famous brands do not do turbocharging, even if there is a supercharged sprinkler, few people will do the promotion, so many consumers do not know what to do when the water pressure is slow. Here I represent Neal's faucet manufacturer and say, the supercharged spray is useful, and And in the near future, there will be more tap manufacturers looking at the development of pressurized shower. So what is the principle of turbocharging?

In fact, the principle of pressurized shower is almost the same, but different brands of different faucet manufacturers are different in technology. Some are intelligent limited current, can automatically change the water area according to the size of water pressure, water pressure hours open the water area, so that the amount of water to achieve a balance, not only to achieve the purpose of pressurization, but also to save water. It is not a real solution to the water pressure in the home. If the water pressure in the home is stable, it can keep the water heater in the work and then use the supercharged spray. How can you use the pressurized pump if your water pressure is not stable? Under the condition of stable water pressure, the faucet manufacturers recommend that they use supercharged sprinklers.


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