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How to solve the problem when the tap is blocked and the water is getting smaller and smaller.

Often in the use of the faucet water flow more and more small, one is the filter net plugging at the mouth of the faucet, after the opening of the faucet, after the leakage of water, the most common place is the kitchen and bathroom faucet. The faucet manufacturer introduces whether the kitchen faucet and the bathroom faucet are used for a long time, these problems become common.

When the faucet is blocked, how do you manage the faucet factory tutor?

1, water quality problems, water with sand, rust and other impurities caused by faucet clogging. The water outlet of the faucet can be screwed down for inspection, and the water will be released if the filter head is screwed off. If the water flow returns to normal, then the problem lies in the filter screen. Then the tap filter net is struck gently in the pool, and the solid impurities such as sand and so on fall naturally. Remember not to use your hands to pick it up, but it will stick the sand into the filter net. In order to ensure that the cleaning can be in place, the filters and washers can be removed and rinsed. The stains in the middle of the filter holes can also be puncture with needles.  All of them are reinstalled after cleaning. Like these can learn from the faucet manufacturers, many times, if you are wholesale, you can actually practice the underground faucet manufacturers.

2, there is a situation, if it is caused by a large foreign object, this situation is relatively rare, but it is unavoidable to meet, so here I also slightly put down, in fact, is very simple, only need to be prepared to remove the tap wrench. The interface under the pots is broken by a wrench. In fact, most of the faucets can use the hand to make it turn away and remove the faucet. Of course, the filter head of the front section has to be dismantled and put aside. Put the faucet upside down and pick up a bottle of water and pour it into it. If the water flowing out of the rear end is not smooth, it proves that there is foreign matter in the faucet. It can also be washed under flushing to ensure that it can be cleaned in place. Then you can install it again. Note that when you install it, check whether the junction is tight and avoid leakage.


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