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Shower metal hose maintenance two steps do not kill the knot is not coiled.

There are many related articles on the maintenance of sprinkler, but most of them are about how to maintain the faucets and sprinklers. In fact, the structure of the sprinkler faucet is tightly and sturdy, and it is not easily damaged. It is often not paid attention to - the shower pipe with the water tap is the most easy to be damaged and the most protected.

Because the location of the metal hose determines that it is very easy to be damaged. A lot of friends asked me about the price of Jomoo sprinkler, so you liked it better. It should be said that Jomoo brand shower hose is still very good.

Let's look back and look at the hose. In fact, the connection to the inlet pipe is connected to the valve body and fixed up by a screw cap hose. The problem is that the screw cap is easy to loose, rust and even fall off with the passing of the screw cap over time.

The bigger problem is that in the course of your bath, the hose pull is the most frequent, and the range is often large, causing a fracture where the metal hose and the screw cap are connected. Moreover, the other side of the hose is connected to the shower head in the same way. If the host is not properly operated, such as excessive exertion, it is equally easy to break.

We have never seen a fracture in the middle of a metal hose in the middle and both ends are very good. Is this the case? Many users have not paid attention to this point, and lack of the maintenance knowledge in this respect.

Here we should know how to maintain the shower hose. Here are some points for your reference.

First of all, we should keep the metal hose in a natural stretch in the usual shower, and then put the sprinkler on the shelf after use, and do not coil the metal hose around the sprinkler faucet.

Second, usually in pulling the hose to prevent the hose and body joint of the place do not form a dead knot, must look carefully, pull the hose to pull a little light, so that the metal hose can be avoided or cause damage to the hose.


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