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Points for attention of faucet selection and purchase

The details of bathroom and kitchen decoration can best reflect the level of decoration. Many family decoration owners know this method, put the emphasis on the kitchen and toilet, more and more attention to the choice of sanitary ware brand brand, and the requirements for hardware accessories such as water faucets are more and more high.

Buy a brand store

In addition to brand, reputation and style, we should pay attention to distinguish the authenticity of brand products. Now the products on the market are mixed up, and cottage manufacturers are keen on counterfeiting foreign brands. When consumers purchase, it is best to go to the manufacturers' direct selling stores, and the quality problems of parallel imports, even fake and shoddy products are unavoidable. In addition, when buying, you can also pay more attention to the details of the product. Generally speaking, poor quality counterfeit products will be coarser in details.

A full brass tucking

The copper material itself has the function of disinfection and sterilization. In order to save costs, many small manufacturers will use zinc alloy or plastic instead of copper. In addition, many manufacturers have their own special design and function, before the installation and use of these details, so you can avoid using misunderstandings and give full play to the functional advantages of the faucet products.

Check packing accessories

Generally speaking, the high grade faucet is equipped with the installation size chart and the instruction manual when the factory is out of the factory. Before the installation and use, it should open the commodity packing inspection certificate and so on, in order to prevent the three non water faucets. Generally speaking, faucet accessories are: 1, a set of fixed bolts and fixed copper and gaskets; 2, a full set of basin lifting and removing water; 3, two water inlet pipes. If the faucets are foreign trade products, it is necessary to know more about the domestic environment when purchasing them.

Test the feeling of the faucet

During the shopping process, you should also test the handle of the faucet handle, pull the handle around, and the opening and closing should be light and smooth, with a gentle and gentle sense of blockage. Then it is necessary to check the electroplating surface with bright, no bubbles, mottling and scratches.

Reinstallation of impurities in clear sand grains

If your faucet is used in the new house, because the water supply network is new, there will be sand and other impurities in the water, the installation should be long before the installation of water until the water quality can be installed, so as not to damage the precision ceramic valve core. When installing, one end of two water inlet pipes is installed on the tap, and the other end is connected with two hot and cold angle valves or directly on two hot and cold 5 points connecting heads. The water trap should be installed on the bottom of the basin, pulling to the end of the water and connecting it to the "S" or "P" type elbow.


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