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Introduction of standards and test methods for Chinese and foreign faucets

International standard certification

The national standard of China's faucets is "ceramic sealing nozzle" GB18145-2003, and the main technical indicators are the same as that of the European standard EN817. The main contents include: material requirements, technical requirements, test methods, and inspection rules.

There is no uniform certification requirement in Europe, but there are universal testing guidelines such as EN817 test, EN200 test, EN1111 test and EN1287 test. In addition, different countries have their own certification, such as British WRAS certification, TMV certification, French ACS certification, NF certification, German DVGW certification, Spanish AENOR certification, Holland KIWA certification, Danish VA certification, MK authentication, Swedish SITAC certification, P labeling certification, Italy DM174, Norway certification and so on.

The United States has UPC certification, NSF certification, WQA certification, water awareness plan certification, UL certification, 3A certification and so on.

Canada is CSA certification, as well as Canada and the United States commonly recognized certification, such as ASME, cNSF, CUPC and so on.

Australia has WELS certification, and watermark authentication.Watermark is a mandatory certification, requiring all the faucets sold in Australia to hit "W" on the product ontology.

Similarities and differences between the national standard and the European standard technology

The main technical performance of the Chinese and European standards for faucets requires that the Chinese standard (GB18145) is the same as the European standard (EN817), except for the requirements of the ceramic spool sealed faucet. The following two technical requirements for the ceramic spool sealing faucet are summarized.

Sealing performance: standard value pressure 1.6MPa, maintain 60 seconds, valve body no deformation, no leakage, detection value leakage.

Coating: electroplating 24 hours acid salt spray test, standard value 10 level.

Body strength: inlet 2.5MPa 60 seconds; water outlet 0.4MPa 60 seconds.

Flow test (1) the flow of the bathtub head under the pressure of 0.3MPa is greater than 20 liters / minutes; (2) the basin, body, shower, and the dynamic pressure of the kitchen faucet is less than 9 liters / minutes or less than 0.15L / sec.

Life test: both cold water and hot water are supplied at the same time. The dynamic pressure of water supply is 0.3MPa (1) single handle double control valve core: 70000 triangular or rectangular action life test; (2) single handle single handle and double handle dual controlled valve core for 200000 life tests; (3) 80000 life tests for swinging outlet; (4) 30000 life testing of (4) water separator. Test: (5) cold and hot cycle test: first complete the following three cycles -20 centigrade 12h 95 C 12h, and then complete 450 cycles of the following test 80 centigrade 40S, normal temperature water 40S (6), under the dynamic pressure 0.3MPa pressure to carry out noise test.

Torque test (1) connector strength test; (2) spool opening force test.

The holding period of the faucet is generally 5 years.


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