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Teach you to buy three kinds of faucets

Compared with large kitchen and toilet facilities such as cabinets and washbasins, faucets can be regarded as small things. The faucet is small in size but huge in function and complex in structure, and is indispensable to every family. The living standard has been improved, and people's personal demand for daily household items is becoming more and more important. It is also reflected in the various functions of the current faucets, patterns and styles. Enter the stores, the appearance of coating materials, styles, shapes and other faucets will dazzle you. And the classification of faucets is becoming more and more detailed. The era of "one thing with more uses" has long been over. In more and more cases, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose the right quality faucets.

The classification of faucets is becoming more and more sophisticated. In the past, the single tap can no longer satisfy all the requirements of modern homes. At present, the faucets in the market can be divided into three categories: bathtub faucet, basin faucet and kitchen faucet. And each category can be subdivided into many small categories according to function, style, material and color.

Bathtub faucet

There are generally two outlets, the following is water injection into the bathtub, and the other is used to connect hose sprinklers. It is also necessary to note that the length of the tap outlet is longer than the width of the edge of the bathtub, so as to ensure that the water does not flow outside the bathtub when the water is injected.

Basin mixer

It can be used for washing clothes and washing face. The washbasin is generally practical and coordinated with a short tap and a low main body. At the same time, it should be noted that it is too low to be convenient to use. When you choose the faucet of the basin, you still need to see whether the installation hole of the basin is single or three holes. If it is a three hole, the distance between the installation holes is 4 inches (about 10 centimeters), or 8 inches (about 20 centimeters), and then it is possible to determine which faucet is suitable.

Kitchen faucet

In order to facilitate the kitchen work, the theme of the dragon head should be selected higher, and the outlet must be very long. The outlet of many kitchen faucets is free to rotate. This design brings great convenience to daily life.


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