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Does the morning water need to be drunk for a period of time?

In life, there should be a lot of people so accustomed to getting up early in the morning and taking a little bit of water when they first use the faucet. My mother is a typical example, and my mother will do it myself. Make sure to drop some of the water to drink. According to my mother, there is a lot of bacteria in the tap water for a night.

A post in the previous period, a post on the website hot, the post for the tap water for the night of water, bacteria can not drink, in the circle of friends heat, so that many people feel terrified. It is said in the post that who stays in the water pipe for a night will breed a lot of bacteria, among them a microbe called Legionella, a microbe that has been harming many countries before. So there is a safety problem in the morning water. It should be put for some time.

The reporter to the health supervision institute to prove that water is no problem, the public use of tap water are the same disinfection, daily will be supervised sampling inspection, in addition to the health supervision department will carry out a spot check, the water company will also carry out 24 hours of testing. If the problem will be discontinued immediately, and the results of the inspection show that the tap water is qualified, there is no more bacteria to exceed the standard, so people can be used safely. As for some citizens, it will be said that there will be a rusting smell of tap water, which has nothing to do with tap water. Some unqualified faucet manufacturers will use faulty materials to produce faucets, leading to rust problems. So it is recommended that when you buy, you must choose to buy the faucet manufacturer. Only a good faucet manufacturer can produce a good tap, and it can make people feel at ease. Of course, the relevant departments will conduct spot checks on faucet manufacturers to prevent faulty manufacturers from using inferior materials. And the rusty taste of the faucet is strictly required to be replaced and repaired, but because of the large cost, many are not able to deal with it in time, so if there is such a situation, it is suggested that it should be taken for a long time.


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