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Select the main points of the dish faucet

The tap is used to control the size of the flow switch and has the effect of saving water. Although the faucet is small, the position in the home is very important. Every family can not use water every day. It is always in close contact with the small faucet. The faucet manufacturers are also constantly developing and improving the quality of the faucet, driving the long-term development of the faucet wholesale and water faucet agent, taking a long-term route and paying attention to the quality of the faucet. So before buying, we can first understand the brand of the faucet manufacturers, and recommend buying a good reputation brand. Next, explain the key points of the basin faucet, and provide you with the most faithful reference.

1. Look at the appearance

The surface plating process of a good tap is very particular. It is usually accomplished by several processes. Distinguish faucet manufacturers or faucets wholesale, faucet agent to join the faucet depends on the degree of its brightness, the more smooth and brighter the surface, the better the quality.

2, handle the handle

When the faucet made by the faucet manufacturer turns the handle, there is no excessive clearance between the tap and the switch, and it is easy to stop and skid. Poor faucets are not only large gaps, but also a great sense of obstruction.

3. Listen to the sound

The material of the faucet is the least distinguishable. If it is not a professional tap wholesaler, it is difficult to choose materials. The good tap is cast copper in the whole body, knocking with a dull voice. If the voice is crisp, it must be stainless steel, and the quality will be worse.


If you really can not distinguish, you can choose a regular brand. Generally, the regular commodity has the brand name of the manufacturer, while some non regular products or some quality products often only paste some paper labels, even without any marks, we must be careful when choosing and buying.

5. Test flow

When the foam is rich, the consumer should choose the faucet with the bubbling device and touch the water with the hand. The water flow with the soft and foaming (the flow bubble content) shows the good quality of the foaming device. The bubble is usually six layers, usually made up of a metal mesh (part of the plastic). The water flow through the net will be cut into a large number of small water columns with air in the middle, so that the water is not split.

6, when selecting the pots, ask if the water flow speed is maintained at 8.3 litres / minute, the purpose of water saving can be achieved. In addition, some of the vegetable faucets have a honeycomb shaped limiting film, which not only allows the water to flow out of a foam, limiting the flow rate, but also makes the user feel the softer water and feel plenty of water.

7, whether the vegetable faucet is durable, the surface treatment process is very important. Now the country releases the new standard, promotes the faucet manufacturer to strictly control the quality, improves the durable long lasting of the faucet, and promotes the development of the faucet wholesale and the water faucet agent to join. The good dish faucet is subjected to the acid high temperature test, more than 4 hours intact, in addition, because the internal structure is reasonable, the good dish faucet is not easy to have the phenomenon of leakage and damage. After hundreds of thousands of times of switch, it can still be easy.

8. The design of a good dish faucet takes into account the needs of a variety of cleaning methods, such as the 1.1 meter long vegetable sprinkler, which can be pulled out and spray washed vegetables, and can clean the corners of the general cleaning equipment. A good dish faucet must cooperate with the sink in order to embody its advantages. The traditional water tank will be blocked by the residue, and the convenient superlarge cage launching device increases the storage space and is not easy to stop. The water inlet is designed to prevent water accumulation.


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