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How to buy high quality faucets

How to choose a faucet? Now the quality of the faucet on the market is uneven, and the brand is numerous. As a common consumer, how to distinguish the good or bad of the faucet, how to judge whether the faucet is in the process of the faucet factory to the faucet wholesale or the water faucet in the process of joining the water faucet? Now I'll teach you a few ways to identify the quality of the faucet.

1. Look at the spool: the spool is the heart of the tap, and the ceramic spool is the best spool. The products with better quality are all with ceramic valve core, which have the characteristics of strong wear resistance and good sealing. Generally, it can be used more than 30~50 million times. The low-grade products are mostly copper, rubber and other seals, the service life is short, but the price 'is low.

2. Look at the weight. All faucets made of brass must be very heavy. Why should we choose brass faucets? Because brass faucets can inhibit E. coli in water, brass must be used and brass faucets are very heavy. So we need to see whether the faucet manufacturers use brass to make faucets.

3, look, look to look, look to look good, good head electroplating surface treatment without polishing silk lines, bright can be a mirror, feel lubricated, some faucet wholesalers may say that the faucet plated several layers, in fact, the electroplating as long as two layers, a layer of nickel plating, a layer of chromium plating.

4, turn the handle to see if it is light, and can not be very laborious.

5, choose a good brand. Focus on the faucet from which faucets manufacturers or the faucets of the faucets. Buy Bathroom products must buy a big brand, because the bathroom is a durable consumer goods, once bought can be used for up to 5 years, so we must buy a big brand of product, so that the quality of material or quality is reliable.

6, after sale. The after-sales service of the product is very important. Arno's poem has a good after-sale team to assist the faucet agent to join and the faucet wholesaler to deal with the after-sale problems. It also makes you have no worries behind, so we must choose the products with good after-sales service.


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